Smartcave makes complex things understandable. in Metaverse pro.

In a unique hardware and software combination, SmartCave offers individual virtual reality solutions for a variety of application areas. Presentation, collaboration, spatial experience – SmartCave is an immersive, collaborative communication tool.

Application Areas

Architecture & BIM

Virtual tour of building designs in great detail, experience rooms, check design ideas and discover planning errors – well before the groundbreaking ceremony.


Examining complex molecular structures, evaluating three-dimensional medical imaging results, in short, solving scientific challenges with digital collaboration.


Realistically depict the most complex machines and systems, visualize work processes on the model and discuss development steps together – on-site and remotely.


Collaborate on a shared visual object from anywhere in the world. Evaluate designs and fine-tune virtual prototypes, massively reducing time and effort.


Find buyers and convince investors long before products or properties are realized. Facilitate, underpin and drive decisions through experiences with a wow effect.

virtual reality to touch

Long known from the automotive and aviation industries, a Cave creates an “automated virtual environment”. Several people can experience and interact in this world on site, but also with remotely connected third parties – completely without constricting and isolating VR glasses.

With SmartCave, the previous high-end technology now also makes economic sense for medium-sized businesses. The space required for a typical solution is small and the system is offered as a complete package: Hardware, software and service. This makes presentations or development work on the digital object possible with little effort at almost any location.


Collaborative Work

SmartCave enables work and communication of several users on site without isolating VR glasses as well as of participants at different locations, which are then displayed as avatars. Remote use is also possible with conventional virtual reality glasses.

Intuitive Operation

The complete system is powered up at the touch of a button: simply switch it on and you’re done. The movement within the virtual worlds works – after a short introduction – comfortably with the help of an intuitively operable hand control.

Low Rental Costs

SmartCave operates economically according to the contracting model. Users rent the complete system, including hardware and software, installation and maintenance. SmartCave ensures the constant availability of the system.

Compact Setup

The system consists of a compact server and a setup of projectors. At least two are necessary, up to four are possible. The more projectors, the higher the immersion, i.e. the feeling of being immersed in the virtual world. Alternatively, LED walls can also be used. In any case, this requires only a small footprint in the office.

Long Term Comfort

An essential difference to conventional VR applications with closed goggles: Working with SmartCave is almost fatigue-free. The constant possibility of making eye contact with other participants in the room also contributes to this.

Simple Data Import

As an open system, SmartCave can be used with any 3D data format. Automated, semi-automated and manual data import are offered. SmartCave also offers the possibility to create 3D data from submitted hand sketches.

Process Acceleration

Just being able to “see” a design together, whether it is a building, a machine or a product, makes it possible to shorten the usual coordination processes. In this way, a wide variety of project participants can give their input and make decisions together. This not only saves valuable time, but also coordination effort.

Error Reduction

Complex, three-dimensional structures and spaces offer a huge potential for errors. But a virtual walk-through makes many of them obvious. It can be used to check spatial effects, but also to make essential design decisions. In this way, SmartCave helps to drastically minimize rework or redesign.