What is Metaverse Pro?

SmartCave is a comprehensive virtual reality solution. With it, users experience what we call “Metaverse Pro”. An explanation.

The term metaverse as a borderless virtual construct is on everyone’s lips – as a three-dimensional further development of the Internet, as a marketplace and meeting space. A metaverse is supposed to offer people similar opportunities for individualization, communication and consumption as physical reality.

At SmartCave, we use the term “Metaverse Pro” because our technology also creates a metaverse, but actually enhances it for professional use. Thus, it combines visiting virtual worlds and location-independent encounters with other people in the form of avatars with simultaneous communication in the physical world. Thanks to the open glasses, several users can experience virtual reality on site at the same time, but also communicate face to face. But of course SmartCave can also be visited with conventional VR glasses, the immersion effect remains.

At the same time, our metaverse is open to technology. We do without proprietary data formats or software restrictions, our users can load almost any 3D data onto the SmartCave servers, we take care of the adequate implementation. The result is a comprehensive next-generation VR tool, ready for presentations, telecollaboration and shared experience – in Metaverse Pro.