BoConcept x SmartCave

BoConcept, renowned for its exceptional furniture and unique design concepts, has partnered with SmartCave to bring a transformative experience to its customers. This collaboration marks a new era in product presentations, leveraging the power of innovative VR technology to redefine how we interact with furniture.

With BoConcept and SmartCave, customers experience product presentations on a completely new level! SmartCave enables a spectacular presentation of BoConcept’s products and unique design concepts through innovative VR technology and strengthens BoConcept’s image as a modern company.

BoConcept customers can immerse themselves in an emotionally engaging product world. The SmartCave experience can be shared in the BoConcept store community. With the flexibility to use the SmartCave Metaversum both in the projection room and via VR headsets, BoConcept is always ready to offer its customers an exceptional experience.

BoConcept and SmartCave – product presentation redefined. Our future has already begun!

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Live from BIC

We are at BoConcept Inspiration Camp! If you have any questions regarding us or our products, you can find us on the stage in the exhibition hall. See you!

Monday: The MCH team did an excellent job with the construction of the Smartcave room. With 4.5 by 6 meters and a height of 3 meters, the ideal structure was created for the SmartCave presentation system. This afternoon, we launched the first virtual reality tours. We have installed a Smartcave 5, a VR headset for telecollaboration and a high resolution wireless headset with eye tracking. We are looking forward to many visitors tomorrow.

Tuesday: BoConcept gave a fantastic insight into its corporate strategy and high quality products today. The fascination of the look and feel of the furniture has fascinated the BoConcept partners. The partners got a first impression about the fascinating possibilities of the SmartCave VR technology.
With very good feedback: the next level in customer experience!

Wednesday: Exceptional living is the motto of BoConcept. We at SmartCave want to say: Experience extraordinary. Experience the virtual world of BoConcept with the highest quality in presentation, just as the furniture of BoConcept conveys the highest quality in the real world. Today, BoConcept partners were able to experience the latest furniture collection with our high-resolution VR headset.
The international partners had a lot of time today to discuss with us about the use of SmartCave in their stores and to make future dreams come true.

Thursday: The BoConcept Information Congress came to an end. We at SmartCave had the pleasure of watching the BoConcept family discuss the future, the development of the brand and the improvement of the marketing modules. SmartCave presented a preview of adding a new dimension to their stores. The infinitely scalable dimension of virtual reality. The SmartCave team would like to thank you for inviting us to this event and is pleased with the consistently positive feedback. Goodbye Herning.