the history of smartcave

We have evolved. After 13 years of successful projects in the field of architectural visualizations and film productions under the name ARCHILOOKS, we have grown out of ourselves.
We have developed a new 3D presentation technique with which not only architectural projects appear close enough to touch. Therefore we have transformed ourselves into a KG with which we can conquer the future. The Smart Cave Solutions KG.

therefore now smartcave

From our previous work, and with the knowledge we acquired in the process, one thing became increasingly clear to us: as multisensory beings, we need the most advanced solutions to give our creativity the room to breathe that it needs to create great things. SmartCave was the logical consequence of this realization.

25 yrs. Experience: Adrian Drewes

Browse through our projects that have been realized in the last 13 years at Archilooks. If you are interested in architectural visualizations, please contact us any time.