Start with SmartCave

You’ve received a mysterious suitcase from us and are wondering what it’s all about? Find the answer in this short explanatory video that shows you how to set up our virtual reality solution SmartCave and immerse yourself in virtual worlds.

SmartCave offers you an immersive VR experience that presents complex topics in an understandable and fascinating way. Whether in architecture, mechanical engineering, or science – with SmartCave, you can experience virtual realities together with colleagues or customers, thus advancing projects and facilitating decisions.

We cordially invite you to extensively test SmartCave and discover the possibilities of this pioneering technology. Immerse yourself in impressive virtual worlds and experience how SmartCave can optimize your work processes and take your communication to a new level.

After completing your personal SmartCave experience, please send the suitcase back to us using the enclosed return shipping label. If you have any questions, we are always happy to assist you.

We hope you enjoy discovering SmartCave and look forward to your feedback!

Your SmartCave Team